Stripes!ss by Brandstop.

BrandStop launches the latest in fashion: bracelets Stripes!ss.

Urban, Camo, Fashion, Fluo, Elegance, or Moonlight Mix: flashy or extravagant, elegant or stylish, the choice of the "strip" of the fabric reveals the personality of the wearer giving a soul to what was only a tangle of wires.

Authentic materials and unique bracelets, all at an affordable price.

The new line of bracelets for men and women is a combination of bonds and materials: The yarn used is indestructible, unalterable and of very high quality (non-allergenic fabric class 1); closing the "ultra fast" and nickel free is embellished with a brilliant sheen that gives the bracelet and uniqueness; Charms by the most different meanings amplify its peculiarities. All items are produced in Italy respecting strict quality controls to ensure a single article, exclusive and 100% Made in Italy.

Wear them every day or on occasions "special" and so add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your look. Choose your Stripes! Ss and color your summer.

Brandstop is in Montemurlo (PO) -  ITALY - Via Pisano, 20-59013, Tel 0574/721 636