Stripes!ss for Charity

Stripes!ss is also solidal supporting La Via dei Colori association (, association that deals with victims of mistreatments and abuses by public and privare facilities.

Substaining LvdC means to increase the associociation's activities and the development of projects and prevention on the Italian territory.

The bracelets with solidal spirit, banner of those who wish not to give up.

Colorful and customizable by dedicated charms, messanger of identity.

 LVdC by Stripes!ss

The "stripes" will reveal the moods of everyone:

  •   HAND: protection, guardianship, safe and prevention;
  •   BOYS-GIRLS: for mothers/fathers from yesterday, today and tomorrow;
  •   KITE: for those who never break down. For those who know very well that the kite flies only in the headwind.


The LvdC brand will be available from the beginning of August (€ 12,00/pc). On each purchase Stripes!ss will devote a 30% to LvdC.

Put the elegance of Made in Italy to your wrist and colour your summer supporting who wish NOT TO GIVE UP.

Help us to build a little piece safer world for our children. To see them laughing careless will be our biggest reward!

 Tutti i braccialetti LVdC by Stripes!ss